Action C1 Production and acclimatization of propagation material of Zelkova sicula

The consolidation of the two populations of Z. sicula (see Action C.4), the establishment of new populations in new sites (see action C.6) and the establishment of collection fields (see action C.10) will be made possible with specimens obtained in the laboratory and in the nursery of GCC Marianelli (SR) managed by DRAFD, and partly at the CBNB of Brest, using the protocols defined in the action vegetative propagation A.4. The material must be collected from both populations.

All stages of production (eg preparation cuttings, preparing cell cultures, transfer of culture media, etc..) until the seedlings and rooted cuttings will be held at the nursery structures managed by DRAFD and CBNB. Post-rooting acclimation , lasting at least one year for each production cycle, will be carried out in the nursery temporary in-situ (see Action C.3)

The action, carried out by
DRAFD with the support of the CBNB, will be launched in the second year of the project and provides at least three production cycles.