Action C3 Creation of in-situ temporary nurseries

The creation of temporary nurseries in-situ is an innovative practice that aims to ensure higher rates of engraftment of forest species in the interventions of renaturation, thanks to easier adjustments and acclimatization of the specimens to the destination site characteristics.

Two nurseries will be built, respectively in a thermo-Mediterranean bioclimate area for actions C.4, C.5 and in a  sopra-mediterraneo/montano area for action C.6.
The first allocated in proximity of ZS1, where there are, already available and managed by DRAFD, a reservoir of water and a small building for a warehouse, shed, etc.. Will be set upshading tunnels and irrigation system. The second, more modest in size and structure, will be carried out in suitable location after the final identification of reintroduction pilot sites for (action A.3).

In nurseries will be acclimatized plants of Z. sicula and native forest species, irrigated with system served by pumps powered by photovoltaic panels, and these will also provide the necessary energy al'impianto irrigation foreseen in C.4

The action, carried out by DRAFD, will see the construction of the first nursery within the first six months of the project, and the second from the second year.