Action C6 Pilot experiments to reintroduce the species into new target sites

In the overall strategy for the conservation of the species, will be conducted pilot experiments to reintroduce the species into five new sites, each extended one hectare.

According to the provisions of Action A.3, two will be selected under the Bosco Pisano, in conditions similar to those of current population, other three will instead chosen in Sicily, but in an ecological context different from the present, characterized by bioclimate cooler and wetter (see action A.3).

In order to ensure both the state of long-term storage annd a high level of legal protection, the three new sites will be identified as part of the public lands managed by the DRAFD and falling within Sicilian Natural Parks and Preserve.

In each pilot site installations will be carried out with minimum impact of the intervention, using, in particular in the two sites of Bosco Pisano, the technical devices already described for the action C.4.
In each area will be used at least 300 plants acclimated in
temporary nurseries in situ (see Action C.3), with propagation material collected in both populations. The plantations will be carried out following an irregular distribution in relation to the nature of the soil, watershed or along lines of holes in the ground, mimicking the types of distribution observed in the two existing populations. All areas of intervention will be fenced with wire mesh and square wooden posts.

The action, coordinated by CNR-IGV and conducted by DRAFD, will be carried out starting from the third year of operation and will continue for the remaining duration of the project.