Action C8 Realization of fences against grazing

The exclusion of grazing from Contrada Bosco Pisano and Ciranna sites is an essential action because the damage to vegetation can be extremely serious (see A.6 action, A7).

Thus will be realized two new fences, around each of the two populations and including a buffer zone surrounding. Contrada Ciranna will also need to remove the existing fence, as it protects only partially the population.

There will also be fenced, the five new sites of reintroduction (Action C.6) and the area of 10 hectares affected by the action C.5. A total of 5800 m of fence will be built in
stakes of chestnut and network livestock to ensure the passage of wildlife.

The action, carried out by DRAFD will be completed within six months after start project for the two existing populations and for the i​​
ncreasing  forest habitat area (see Action C.5), and before the start of the activities for pilot reintroduction experiments (see action C.6).