Action C9 Reduction and / or elimination of fire risk

Both areas of Bosco Pisano and Contrada Ciranna are extremely vulnerable to forest fires, for reasons both environmental and anthropogenic. So it is indispensable to enable measures to preserve the forest habitat and populations.

Prevention and control of the territory will carried on, as provided for by action A.6 and in general by the Forest Plan of the Sicilian Region.

In particular, we will act in two directions:

  • direct prevention, through the creation of fender strips along the perimeter of the intervention areas  (actions C.4, C.5 and C.6), and control and surveillance;
  • indirect prevention, through information activities, disseminating information and education (actions D.2, D.6) in order to avoid negative behavior in the forest that could become occasions of fire.

The action will address both current populations and five pilot reintroduction sites. It is expected so to realize a total of 21,000 meters of roads fender.

The action, carried out by DRAFD will be launched by the third QUARTER of the second year the existing sites and the increase of habitat area of forestry, for other areas within the summer after the construction of the fence.