Action E5 Networking with other projects

A strong idea for proper management of the project is the exchange of know-how and scientific expertise with others inational and European projects implemented (pending or closed) in programs such as the LIFE, on topics related or similar . Legambiente prepare and coordinate an operational plan which includes the following steps:

  • a preliminary survey on existing projects as well as the networks activated, followed by the creation of a mailing list to send a presentation of the project and a proposal for networking
  • creation of a virtual community involving persons identified and open to other interested bodies.
  • sending at least No. 5 news letters and exchange of information on online forums, where leaders explain the approaches.
  • report on the data and results of the plan networking

Networking with other projects shall also support the creation of new institutional synergies necessary for the deployment of project results in other areas with similar context.

The action, coordinated by LA, will start from the second quarter of the first year.