Azione D6 Establishment of the Network

Data evento: 
Wednesday, 27. February 2013 - 13:30
At the end of the first meeting of the Network, called for action D6, was established the Technical Table.The meeting was a great success of participation; in fact, have joined the network and participated to the workshop:
  • 4 Natural Parks of the Region of Sicily (Etna, Madonie, Nebrodi and Alcantara)
  • The Provincial Offices of the State Forests Company
  • Laboratories Provincial Territorial Network Infea
  • The University of Palermo and Catania
  • Projects LIFE NAT "Sicalecons" and LIFE NAT "Leopoldia" olrte the participation of LIFE NAT "Abies" already concluded
  • WWF Sicily and Legambiente Sicily
Joined also the Ministry of Environment (as National Focal Point of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation of the CBD) and representatives of national and international research and conservation institutions:The meeting began with the presentation of the activities of the LIFE projects Abies, Leopoldia, Sicalecons and Zelkov@zione.Then are discussed the main technical, scientific and administrative aspects impeding the processes of Nature Conservation and Biodiversity; so proposals have been made operational for the establishment of working groups to:
  • the improvement of the Environmental Communication,
  • the simplification of administrative procedures,
  • the implementation of Regional laws.