Action A7 Agreement for the management of grazing

In the territory of the Iblei Mountains, the grazing has historically been a customary practice, conducted according to seasonal periodicity (only winter-spring) by cattle breedersthe coming from northern sicily Nebrodi mountain; the grazing is not fits so in a rational and orderly planning.

In the Bosco Pisano grazing is one of the main threats to the survival of Z. sicula; although grazing is prohibited in DRAFD property, overruns are a recurring.
For the elimination of this threat, it is expected to conclude an agreement with the
local farmers that ties them to comply with the provisions of the Pasture Management Plan (see Action A.6) and the regulations on Pubblic Land  concessions..

The action, conducted by the DRA, will be completed by the first quarter of the second year of the project..