Action C4 Consolidation of current populations of Zelkova sicula in ZS1 and ZS2sites

To mitigate the decline and increase the strength and stability of current populations are necessary thickening actions . The plants will be carried out with handwork, while minimizing the impacts, allowing the conservation of existing vegetation as well as the use of technical devices to reduce stress summer water as the use of hydrogel, capable of storing water up to 400 times the own weight and slowly release it during the dry season, increasing up to three times the survival.

Is also provided the use of emergency irrigation, which plant will follow a distribution along the lines of impluvium and troughs.

At each site will be used 200 seedlings produced in actions C.1 and C.3. In addition, in case that there is still a residual function of the mechanisms of sexual reproduction, seedlings arising from ZS1 population will be introduced in ZS2 and the other way round; all to try to increase the chances of cross-fertilization (action A.2).

In the two sites will be showed òinformation panels on the activities being carried out, as provided for in the D.3

The action, coordinated by CNR-IGV and conducted by DRAFD for plants, will begin in the third year of operation and will continue for the remaining duration of the project.