Action D4 Implementation of educational programs for schools

The primary and secondary schools of the municipalities of the scholastic district will be involved through an educational project with the aim to make students aware of the need to protect the species and the need to commit themselves to the conservation of its habitat.

The trail will consist of two scholasthic years (the third and fourth year of the project) and requires the submission of a teaching kit built on a thumb drive containing:

  • a training manual for teachers and students containing activities to be implemented in the classroom;
  • digital book containing useful information for the investigation of the biology, ecology, and curiosity about the species.

Will be part of the kit too:

  • a promotional poster on the LIFE project specially designed for schools
  • 30 bookmark blanks in the form of Zelkova sicula

The route will be done in collaboration with the project partners during the first year of operation and will be distributed in schools in the second year. The kit will be sent to all schools that  after receiving an invitation to participate will request to join the initiative.

Classes of primary schools and secondary schools of the Sicily Region will be invited to send the processed products, and will be selected each school year, the best 2 products work as judged by a jury made up of one representative from each project partner. The winners will be awarded with:

  • a guided tour of a class every year (third and fourth) at one of the project areas,
  • the exhibition of entries on the project website (D.2)
  • the participation to the closing press conference of the project (D.1)

Will be carried out also with high schools closer to 
Bosco Pisano, a campaign to raise awareness / education on environmental issues of nature conservation and the loss of biodiversity.

Through the history of the events that led to the condition of the target species relict species, will be introduced to the major themes of climate change, fossilization and the threat of extinction.

The activities include meetings lectures, workshops and field trips.

The activities will also be summarized by a temporary exhibition and potentially traveling on the species, biodiversity and the LIFE + financial instrument. The exhibition, which is used during the project, will then be given in trust to the City of Life post Buccheri that will create an information point / continuing education on the issues of the project on the species, its distribution area.

The action led by LA, will start at the beginning of the second year, continuing until project closure.