Action A8 Communication Plan

Communication Plan organizes the activities and modes of communication, in a comprehensive framework, guidelines and strategies for the implementation of the actions necessary for the communication and dissemination of results (see Az: D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6)
Plan optimizes the forms, the ways of impact and involvement of local people, stakeholders and the wide audience; advertises activities and outcomes, both through the production and distribution of suitable material, both informing and raising awareness of actions, steps and results project. The main guidelines of the Plan are

  • Details project of the products of communication and dissemination
  • Activate the channels of dissemination local, national and EU
  • Lay the groundwork for communication activities at the national level, aiming in particular the system of protected areas, on the objectives and aims of the project.

The communication plan wants to achieve the following results:

  • increase the awareness of local communities and publicizing the activities/results of the project;
  • identification of a unified communications strategy for all partners;
  • definition of forms, media and content more appropriate in relation to the objectives of the project and the different types of public;
  • the creation of a network of communication flows between the partners and territory, institutional and strengthening the visibility of the project in the territory concerned, and dissemination of the activities, actions and results..

The action, carried out by Legambiente, will begin in the second quarter of the project and will be completed in the third quarter after the project.