Action C2 Production and acclimatization of propagation material of native forest species

In reforestation works the provenance of specimens to be introduced, both geographical and genetic, has a crucial importance for the success of the plantation. In fact, the local specimens (autochthonous germplasm) possess a greater ability to adapt to environmental conditions of the site of introduction.

Forest species of trees and shrubs to be used in the action C.5 will be produced from samples of Bosco Pisano. All stages of production (eg. Cleaning, selection and preparation of the seed, the soil preparation sowing with basic soil of the same type of soil implantation site, planting the seed in fitocella) until sowing will be carried out at the nursery structures managed by DRAFD. Acclimation post-seeding, lasting at least one year for each production cycle, will be carried out in the nursery temporary in-situ (see Action C.3)

The action, carried out by DRAFD, will start from the first year of the project and includes at least two production cycles.