Action E1 Project management

The DRA will play the role ofProject Manager, monitoring the progress of the project through the following activities:

  • coordination of working groups
  • monitoring activities are consistent with the application form in terms of scheduling, ouputs / deliverables, expected results
  • processing the initial report, update, intermediate and final project based on input from technical working groups
  • coordination plan meetings and relations with the EC
  • promotion of uniformity of process monitoring / management even after the end of the project

The action will be supported by all the partners, who will be responsible for:

  • organize, manage and monitor the actions of their competence and ensure their implementation in the manner and within the time set out in the "management plan"
  • cooperate with other partners in the conduct of actions compartecipate
  • participate in the meetings, events and visits planned in the project
  • prepare and provide the documentation necessary financial and technical-scientific activities of permanent network.

Since the start of the project the DRA lead a coordination structure, the Steering Committee, consisting of a technical and an administrative manager and financial performance cisacun Partners. They are expected 8 meetings of the Steering Committee (one every six months), 4 of which will be held in conjunction with meetings of the 4 network (see action D6) in order to optimize time and cost of the same.

The continuous access to data regarding the status of technical and financial progress of the project will be achieved through the permanent network (see action D6).

The action, coordinated by the DRA, it will last for the entire project.