Action E2 Monitoring the impact of specific actions on the conservation of target species

The action involves the verification of the impact of each of the concrete actions on the conservation of the species, during several phases of the project.

For this purpose, will be held four meetings
on an annual basis, one in Brest, one in Syracuse and two in Palermo, with the participation of each partner technical-scientific responsibles.

Will be so prepared an annual report to monitor the impact of specific actions; the results achieved will be discussed in the Steering Committee and provided to the responsible of communication for the updating of the website.

The monitoring will be carried out by measuring specific "indicators" specially defined, for the biological factors, the measurement will be performed with regular intervals, while administrative or human factors will be sufficient verification key moments and the fulfillment action.

The CNR-IGV coordinates the action; DRAFD and CBNB will provide data relating to the actions of which are responsible. The DRA will participate for the connection to the management of the project and LA will be responsible for networking and dissemination.