Action A1 Update inventory of individual populations of Zelkova sicula

Knowledge of quantitative data is the basis of any program for specie conservation; in order to assess the current condition and future trends, it is necessary to collect both population and biometric data (height and stem diameter) and phenology (eg flowering, fruiting) of each plant, and data on forest habitat such as the structure of the forest area (spatial position, stem diameter, height, area of insertion of the crown) and the main lithological and geomorphological features.All plants of Z. sicula will be mapped individually using sub-meter GPS accuracy, followed by the updating and implementation of a geodatabase containing the collected data.This will allow to:
  • check the size of current populations
  • assess any changes that have occurred in recent times
  • evaluate current ecological conditions
  • implement a correct program of long-term conservation
The CNR-IGV will coordinate supported by DRAFD; activities will be conducted within the first six months of the project.