Action A5 Enactment of a preservation Decree for the protection and conservation of Z. sicula

The legal protection of a species is fundamental for the in-situ conservation, but unfortunately Z. sicula is not among the species protected by the Habitat Directive (listed in Annexes II and IV); moreover only one of the two sites identified (ZS1) falls within an protectedarea, namely the population included in the Site of Community Importance ITA 090022 "Bosco Pisano".
It will then be issued a Decree of the Presidente Regione Siciliana, in which will be listed:

  • the prohibition of collection of the species;
  • the penalty system;
  • the areas where the ban will be valid.

Will also be activated procedures for establishing new perimeter of the SIC ITA090024 "Cozzo Ogliastri", to include the population of Contrada Ciranna (ZS2). The Surveyllance will be assigned to the Corpo Forestale.

Finally, will be provide support to the Direzione Generale per la Protezione della Natura del Ministero dell’Ambiente  e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, for the adoption of the Site of Community Importance ITA 090022 "Bosco Pisano" as a Special Conservation Zone, as required by Habitat Directive.

The action, responsible DRA, will be launched within three months of the project and completed within twelve months.