Action A3 Location of sites of introduction

Moun Etna Wood

The introduction of new sites of rare and / or endangered is an important step in any conservation strategies. For this reason, Z. sicula will be introduced in 5 sites which choice will be extremely accurate, considering the needs of species and bioclimatic characteristics of the territory; for this purpose two areas have already been identified within the Site of Community Importance ITA 090022 "Bosco Pisano ".

According to the results of recent studies and observations, the climatic optimum, however, could fall into situations more humid and fresh climate, typical of mountain ranges. therefore, some macro areas have already been identified in the upland Nebrodi, Madonie and Mount Etna. the three additional sites of introduction will be chosen within the macro areas.

For all potential sites will be realized a geodatabase, using technology GIS/GPS, which will provide support for the selection of the three definitivesites .

The CNR-IGV will coordinate supported by DRAFD; activities will begin within six months after the project is completed within the next six months.